Rosette RPG

Below are errata and rules clarifications for the Rosette Diceless books. We'll do our best to update the digital versions of each book promptly. The below are summaries of the changes. For full details on exact wording, see the full errata document in the sidebar.

As with all Rosette rules, you should do what is best for your group, but we consider these strong recommendations to reflect our original intent for the functioning of the rules system.

Afflictions and Stress

Afflictions and Stress boxes are now recorded separately. You have as many Affliction slots as you have Stress boxes. Triggered Afflictions stay crossed-out on your sheet, occupying a slot, until the end of the scene.

Blocking Edges With Resources

A Resource may be used to block Edges multiple times in a single Conflict. If a Resource is used to block an Edge, it may not be used to gain an Edge in that scene. If it is used to gain an Edge, it may not be used to block an Edge in that scene. Blocking Edges with Rare Resources also boosts your Defense and prevents Wear. Using a Rare Setback also boosts the Attack.

Adversary Resources and Properties

The Adversary in a Conflict may have up to five Traits. Select Resources for the Adversary, Experts, and Extras, at least enough they have an Edge to use on each planned Attack. You may add Resources to the Adversary in mid-Conflict if they make sense in the story.