Rosette RPG

Rosette LARP

Rosette LARP is a guide to a certain kind of theatrical LARP. There are other kinds of live-action roleplaying: "live combat" or "boffer" LARPs, which involve prop weapons and real action; "parlor" LARPs, which last a single session and focus on interpersonal conflict; and "Nordic" LARPs, which focus on immersion and artistic intent. This guide does not take those approaches.

As with the rest of Rosette, Rosette LARP has an agenda: it is dedicated to a consensus-based, story-first, and improvisational approach. We believe that this creates the best social environment for creating and expressing stories that incorporate everyone's creativity.

Rosette LARP is a complete, standalone book containing the core principles, character creation and advancement rules, conflict resolution system, and story-running techniques for live action games. It has the same priciples and "pick up and play" style as the Rosette tabletop books, but the tabletop books are a separate system.

Rosette LARP will be available in the first half of 2017 via DriveThruRPG and